Make a splash



 When we participated in  our first craft show at the Fairgrounds in Kalispell, Mt, we had no idea that five years later our products would be carried in many local shops, and have oodles of superfan customers.  In 2016, we were even featured in the Made in Montana section of Ace Hardware's Holiday Gift Guide. We know, right?! In the beginning — with our 500sq foot, closet-sized space — our hopes and dreams for the future of the business were no larger than planting a funky little niche store in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

All of our products are custom made, and some are even special limited edition designs.  We source many of our ingredients locally and take pride in knowing our soaps and bath products are made using the finest ingredients available.  We love doing custom designs, and can even offer private labeling services. We are participating members of both the Made in Montana network, and the Artists and Craftsmen of the Flathead Valley.


Interested in carrying our products in your boutique or gift store? Email us at chickiebath@gmail.com and let's talk!


Nancy LHommedieu

 Mom of five, Founder Nancy L'Hommedieu started her career as a funky, playful soap maker once all the chicks left the nest. Momma Nan draws inspiration from her surroundings, whether it's a Montana sunset, or fresh snow on the peaks of Glacier National Park.  Most days, you will find her in her workshop; crafting, pouring, and even hand carving her creations.  Each piece is made by hand, each piece unique.  Ever the artist, she is widely known for her funky, fresh, colors, scents, and packaging of her handcrafted soaps.

After working with local shop owners in Whitefish, MT, Momma Nan knew it was time to branch out and make a business out of her craft.  ChickieBath was born in 2012, and has grown steadily since.


Momma Nan lives in her cozy lodge-style home in Whitefish, Montana with her husband, and her faithful pooches Xena, Tango and Essie.



If you have a media inquiry or press release, please email our Media Department at chickiebath@gmail.com